Your own energy management platform.

The Plug&Save system developed by Linkener, improves energy efficiency in the supply points where it is installed. The system consists of a device which is easily installed for data collection from the meter box and and a user-friendly interface.

How does Linkener help you?

Work automation

Obtain real-time consumption data from your clients’ electrical meters. Automate reports creation and invoice simulations.

No initial investment

Own a very useful platform, customized with your corporate image with no additional cost. Know the data from the electric meter with no initial investment for your business or your clients.

Customer loyalty

Know your customers’ consumption profile and offer them better services by helping them save money on energy consumption. Receive alerts and prevent penalties.

What can we do?

Graphic Analysis

Analyze the previous consumptions to detect inefficiencies


See all electrical parameters in real time


Set parameters for receiving alerts

Reactive Energy

Detect reactive penalties and know how to avoid them


Consumption reports

Contracted Power

Detect power penalties and optimize the contracted values

Customer Loyalty

Strengthening your relationship with clients by improving reliability and efficiency


Compare available energy offers


Know how much money the daily consumption cost.
Billing simulation and analysis.


With your installed systems

How we do it?

Linkener is the result of hard work and the experience in the energy and industrial sectors. Linkener is a system, based on a high-performance hardware and a user-friendly software.


In order to monitor the consumptions and manage the data in the web platform, we connect our plug&play hardware device to the electric meter of your customers. This device can be installed in 5 minutes and doesn´t require to switch off the energy supply for its installation. Additionally, if your customers require submetering or interacting over specific consumptions, we can install secondary devices in your facilities.

If it is necessary, we can connect to electric meters through existing telemetry or communication systems, but this option reduces available services.



With our web platform you will be able to manage and analyze the consumption data and have more information for making crucial decisions. It provides tools for improving your efficiency and reducing energy costs.

With our web platform you will be able to set parameters for receiving alerts and switch on or switch off automatically consumption at your facility. You will have access to the web platform and energy tools to detect and reduce the undesired consumption.

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