Energy efficiency solutions for city halls

City halls and municipal buildings are susceptible to great energy improvement. The energy expenditure is costly for city halls, which see how year after year bills get higher.

Think of any session. There is air conditioning or heating and, in addition, there are energy costs that come from lighting. Currently, we have to add another factor: charging points being installed in all the city halls of the national territory for electric vehicles.

Eficiencia energética en ayuntamientos

City halls have a great challenge ahead: Manage and control their energy costs. That is easy with our City Hall Kit!

Simplify all efforts

Optimise costs

And all this with the City Hall Kit!

Linkener proposes technological solutions to
improve energy efficiency in City Halls.
How will we do it?

We will assess the
energy consumption 

of different public buildings managed by City Halls
(pavilions, libraries, gymnasiums, municipal
swimming pools …) as well as public lighting.

Our solutions: Measure, assess, act and save

 Primary meter
 Secondary meter
 Remote Activation

Public energy

 Primary meter
 Remote activation


City halls, schools and public buildings

 Secondary meter
 Primary meter
 Remote activation

Pools, gymnasiums, sports halls

 Secondary meter
 Primary meter
 Remote activation

I want to know more about Linkener

Contador fiscal para ayuntamientos de Linkener

We replace your
primary meter

The first step to control what happens in the facilities is to measure the general consumption of each supply. We replace the current primary meter owned by the electric company with one owned by Linkener. The replacement of this meter will allow you to stop paying the equipment rental concept that comes included in the electricity bill, so much of the cost of the service will be paid with this saving.

Through the Linkener meter you can control your energy consumption in real time and generate reports that collect that data.

Linkener's smart meter for city halls
will allow you to:

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Receive the electric bill with real readings and per calendar month

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Control in real time the consumption of the facilities

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Detect stand-by consumption

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Detect if streetlights are on or off after hours

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Automatically check if the electric bill is correct

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Optimize contracted power

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Receive power outage or surge alerts

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Avoid reactive energy penalty

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Detect a possible cable theft


Through this meter you can obtain detailed and real-time data on the consumption of air conditioners, computer rooms, lighting and auxiliary equipment.

This will help in quantifying:

 ROI and savings through changing machines or lights for more efficient ones.
 Relevance of stand-by consumption
 Cost in euros of each type of consumption
Detects anomalies in energy consumption and prevents breakdowns

Imagen de un contador secundario para ayuntamientos
Sistema de teleactuación para regantes de Linkener enerlin

Remote Activation

In addition to controlling the energy consumption of public lighting and of city hall managed facilities, you can also schedule at what time you want public lighting to occur, the shutdown of the consumables that remain on stand- by and act on the air conditioners to avoid simultaneous starts and reduce the contracted power.

Remote activations allows city halls to:

Program the switching on and off of lighting and air conditioning minimizing night consumption in city halls, libraries and public buildings
Program the operation of electric water heaters
Minimise the energy cost derived from stand-by
Program the on and off of air conditioners


Probes make it possible to know the temperature and humidity of enclosures. This is of great importance not only for energy cost optimization but also to improve thermal comfort.

Probes allow:

 Achieve greater thermal comfort
Optimise energy consumption

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So, do you want to make your city hall more energy efficient?

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