Energy efficiency solutions for schools
and institutes

Energy efficiency solutions for schools and institutes
Primary and Secundary School can be more sustainable and can educate their students, even in the way they consume energy. Energy costs in schools and institutes are very seasonal. In summer, schools close and their consumption should be zero, while in winter they are in full swing. This fact makes it necessary to control costs very well and, as we like to say, thanks to Linkener’s technological solutions you can measure, assess, and then later act on SAVING in the electricity bill

Linkener eficiencia energética en colegios

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What advantages will I have with Linkener’s technological solutions?

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Know the real consumption of your bill:

Forget the estimated consumption. With us you will know your real consumption from 1 to 30 of each month.

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Turn off equipment automatically:

When they leave the classroom and the light or any equipment stays on, you can program the on and off whenever you want.

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Reports on your consumption analysis:

With daily, weekly and monthly reports. It is a way to control very well how much you are spending and on what.

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Know the real cost of lighting:

In this manner, you will be able to know if it’s more profitable to replace it with more energy efficient lights.

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Create alarms to know if there is:

Excessive consumption or if there is any type of incident

I want my school or institute
to be more energy efficient

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