Replacing the primary meter with telemetry

The primary meter is equipment a distributor uses to measure the consumption parameters with which the electricity bill is generated. All clients pay a monthly rent for this meter, which varies according to the electricity tariff they have. Many companies do not know it yet, but we’ll give it to you in advance, the meter that the electric distributor installs does not offer any extra information. Thanks to them, you will only get billed.

Contador fiscal de Linkener

So with the Linkener primary meter, which is a true smart meter or smart metering, you will obtain much more as we tell you as follows:

The platform is easy to access and it collects data in real time. In addition, it allows you to:

to your
next bill
Visualise prediction graphics

Can you see how replacing the primary meter with one from Linkener offers you so much more?

With Linkener you can calculate and visualize your electricity consumption in real time. This is how we carry out the entire data mediation processesing:


The client requests the primary meter to be replaced and our Operations team coordinates the installation


Our installers go where they are told they have to replace the primary meter


We perform the installation, we do not shut off the power to the client


Data begins to arrive in real time


Our smart meter starts working


Thanks to our web platform, both you and your client can see how it’s possible to save on electric bills

Uno de los consultores que trabaja con Linkener

What value does this have for the client?
The client saves on the electricity bill and it’s more competitive. Because with our platform:

Excessive consumption is detected

Cable theft is detected

No penalties and elimination of extra costs

Capacitor bank failures detected

Contracted power is optimised

Anomalies are detected and it avoids breakdowns

Invoices delivered with the hourly consumption and no more profiled consumptions

Bills delivered by calendar month and not by estimates

Consume in the cheapest hours of OMIE

Program daily, weekly and monthly consumption assessment reports

Consumption after hours detected

Overvoltages detected

FAQs on primary meters

Cutting off the power is only necessary in supplies with contracted power is less than or equal to 50 Kw. In these cases the power cut does not exceed 15 minutes and it’s in step with the client.

Yes. Changing meters is a widespread practice among consumers of more than 15 kW. The law establishes that the consumer has the right to have a meter owned or rented provided that it is certified, the meter consumption can be accessed and its installation can be supervised.

The only cost the distribution company charges is that of unsealing: - If it is low voltage, € 12 + VAT is charged - If it is high voltage, € 75 + VAT is charged.

I am a company, an industry or a public building and I want to have a smart meter with telemetry.

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