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Linkener has developed Linkener for energy utilities and their industrial clients. Energy utilities require solutions for getting and analysing consumption data on a regular basis, whenever it’s essential.

With Linkener, energy services can receive consumption parameters from electric meters of their clients in real time and manage the data on a web platform.

With our solutions energy utilities can take operative decisions faster, keep up to date with energy consumption and be better informed.

How does Linkener help you?

Improve the financial performance

Improve forecasting, cash-flow and minimize the risk of non-payments.

Automate the billing system

Get access to consumption data from electric meters of your business and industrial clients. It is possible to integrate it with your administrative billing system to simplify and accelerate it.

Enhance relationship with clients

Keep up to date with your client's energy consumption, offer them new services and help with energy savings. Increase efficiency of your marketing campaigns and strengthen transparency of the company.

What can we do?



See all electrical parameters in real time

Graphic Analysis

Analyze your previous consumptions to detect inefficiencies


Set parameters for receiving alerts

Reactive Energy

Detect reactive penalties and know how to avoid them


Consumption reports

Contracted Power

Detect power penalties and optimize the contracted values

Customer Loyalty

Strengthening your relationship with clients by improving reliability and efficiency


Compare available energy offers

How we do it?

Linkener is a result of hard work and experience in the energy and industrial sectors. Linkener is a system, based on a high-performance hardware and a user-friendly software.


In order to monitor consumption and manage data on the web platform, we connect our plug&play hardware device to an electric meter of your clients.

This device can be installed in 5 minutes and doesn´t require switching off the energy supply.

Additionally, if your customers require submetering or interacting over specific consumptions, we can install secondary devices in your client's facilities.

If it is required, we can connect to electric meters through the existing telemetry or communication systems, but this option can reduce number of available services.



With our web platform you will be able to: manage and analyze consumption data, get relevant information to support purchasing decisions, gain tools to improve consumption forecasts for your clients and reduce operating costs.

It gives an opportunity to receive personalised alerts and use tools for billing your clients faster and without errors. You will also be able to authorize your clients to access the web platform to detect unwanted consumption and reduce costs.

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